Newham All Star Sports Academy was set up for the young people in the London Borough of Newham and the surrounding areas.

We provide extra-curricular school training clubs, a Saturday Academy, a High Flyers Developmental Programme, a volunteer programme, opportunities to gain coaching qualifications and NVQs, a summer scheme, holiday clubs and outreach work in local parks.

We aim to create awareness and understanding of the opportunities that exist. NASSA provides consistent motivation to encourage the young people to stay focused and to pursue those opportunities with passion.

Our goal is to build ambitious, successful and responsible young adults. And to provide a real alternative to engaging in anti-social behaviour.

NASSA provides…


At NASSA we feel that academic achievement is as important as athletic ambition. We strive to ensure that our players have an enjoyment of study as well as sport so that they gain the required skills and behaviour for a successful professional career.


Aspirations are important, or as we say, ‘People’s Dreams.’ We encourage our young people to aspire to greatness and feel it is important that everyone achieves. We do this by working with families and those without families. We provide the tools and understanding to set realistic goals and life objectives.


NASSA adopts a ‘grow, sustain and excel’ strategic approach to development. We are now expanding our vision to include project work and the fundraising side of the charity. This is to ensure the quality is maintained and that NASSA is sustainable for many years to come.


Mentoring is a two-way relationship. Athletes who come into contact with NASSA cannot help but want to work with us because of our contagious enthusiasm and our parenting style to coaching and development. We have carefully formulated the NASSA training sessions to provide a sense of belonging which is important for a mentoring relationship.


Once you play basketball you tie yourself into a team. To achieve in a NASSA team you will learn how to become more disciplined. The principles are the same whether they relate to time-keeping to ensure that you get to the game one hour before or to respecting the rules of the game and those around you.


NASSA is a community-based organisation. We believe in a better community in East London and actively work towards that. We have made huge steps with special projects and use funding investment to combat the violence and trauma that street gangs inflict through knife crime.


We have many committed volunteers and we actively encourage you to get in contact if you want to be part of the largest basketball community project in London. We reward those who contribute greatest to the charity and there are many different opportunities.


Competition is a vital part of the development pathway. We have various opportunities for boys and girls to compete at England Basketball National League level. Every year we expand our National League programme so that individuals can fulfil their true potential and understand the importance of hard work.

Healthy lifestyle

Obesity is a growing concern within our society. NASSA is committed to making sport inclusive for all. Basketball is a fantastic sport which works the whole body. It is easy to start playing fun games, even without a hoop. For the older participants (14 and above), we have structured programmes to steer them away from alcohol and drug abuse and the negative effects that these can cause.

Fun and Family

People ask why does NASSA work? It works because we make it a fun, family environment. We have the trust of our participants and families and we invest time in people who are NASSA through and through and who share our charitable objectives.

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