Rt Hon David Cameron The ex-Prime Minister

“I believe that we all need to work together to tackle crime, and I welcome the relationship that exists between NASSA, the Metropolitan Police, local schools and others. Your success is a great tribute to the results that can be achieved when people join together like this.“The project uses the popularity of basketball to give young people something to do after school and keep them off the streets. It is not just about stopping people carrying knives, it’s about saving lives.”

Rt Hon David Cameron – was Prime Minister from May 2010 until July 2016




Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe ex-Metropolitan Police Commissioner

“The Metropolitan Police award we made to NASSA is not something that we give to everybody. I’m really impressed by the project. Clearly the young people are enjoying it, keeping themselves fit and getting the sport that they can take part in. It’s very well organised.
“To get 2,000 young people involved in this project is fantastic. They are getting some positive messages about not getting involved in knife crime and not getting involved in the gangs.
“I’m glad to see that Newham Police are getting involved and contributing. I’m really impressed and I wish it all the luck in the world. If we can help, we will do.”

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe – Metropolitan Police Commissioner

Sir Christopher Kelly

(NASSA is) “a really energetic organisation doing substantial things to help the local community.”

Sir Christopher Kelly – member of the judging panel of The Charity Awards 2014. NASSA was named overall Charity of the Year 2014




Dennis Wise – former Chelsea and England footballer

“As a group, we looked at NASSA and we felt it was a good cause. Coming here today, seeing the bus and all of the kids, as well as seeing Chris the coach, who’s fantastic, you can see it’s going to be a worthy cause. We’re really pleased that we have done this today. Good luck to them all.
“It’s lovely to be part of the NASSA family now. Natasha’s invited us to come back in September for their 10-year anniversary event. If I’m around, I’d love to pop back to say ‘Hi’ and make sure that there are no dents in the bus!”

Dennis Wise – former Chelsea and England footballer, on presenting NASSA with its first minibus on behalf of the Dennis Wise and Frankham Consultancy Group Trust

“NASSA is a fantastic initiative. It is obviously having an impact in the community in a positive way.
“UEL is all about working with the community in civic engagement so working in partnership on projects like this is absolutely the thing we aim to do. We are very proud of our association with NASSA.”

John Joughin – Vice-Chancellor, University of East London (UEL)


“We expected a lot from this special visit because we know the important role that NASSA plays here in the UK. They not only act as a sports charity and a sports project, they also play a prominent role as a social project which supports the lives of children who don’t always have the best possible conditions in which to grow up and don’t have the best possible chances in life, so they are supported by NASSA and its guardians.
“We were really interested in meeting them and making friends with them. Has NASSA lived up to those expectations? Absolutely.”

General Sergey Malenko – Head of Dynamo Moscow Basketball Club delegation to NASSA in September 2015

Sir Robin Wales Mayor of Newham

“We are very proud of the Basketball club and all of its teams and the work that Newham All Star Sports Academy (NASSA) does in schools with young people is invaluable.
“I am always impressed when I meet young people from NASSA not just by their enthusiasm and dedication to basketball, but also by their commitment to making a difference in their community.
“They are working hard to change attitudes and behaviour among their peers. That is a credit to them and to the NASSA leaders and coaches.”

Sir Robin Wales – Mayor of Newham

Tony Nash ex-Newham Borough Commander

“Having attended one of NASSA’s practice sessions, it is fantastic to see practical social skills being taught in a sports environment. It is easy to see why the students and everyone involved is so passionate about NASSA.
“I am very proud of NASSA being based in Newham and humbled by the announcement that it has been rightly recognised as Charity of the Year. I am certain that the passion I saw will take NASSA from strength to strength. The Police in Newham will assist whenever we can.
“Go, NASSA, go!”

Tony Nash – Newham Borough Commander

Mr Alexander Yakovenko – Russian Ambassador to the UK

The invaluable lessons in life the young people learn at NASSA will surely secure a better future for every young person involved.
“As a diplomat, I can fully appreciate the importance of this charity’s truly inspirational activity and I am especially proud to know that Ms Natasha Hart its founder and leader, is my compatriot.”

Mr Alexander Yakovenko.- Russian Ambassador to the UK


David Cosford ex-Director of Sport at University of East London

“NASSA has been a great supporter of our institution and without NASSA’s commitment, our SportsDock home would not be the facility it is today. I hope that we can enjoy another 10 years of sporting success together.”

David Cosford – Director of Sport at University of East London




Rt Hon David Cameron The ex-Prime Minister

“Sport has a fantastic power to change lives. By founding Carry A Basketball Not A Blade [CABNAB] you have given young people a safe place to be and are raising awareness of the dangers they face if they choose to carry a knife.
“Through your hard work and dedication you are making our communities stronger and our country a better place. On behalf of the whole country, I hope this Points of Light Award can be a small way of saying thank you.”

Rt Hon David Cameron – was Prime Minister from May 2010 until July 2016, in a letter to Anthony Okereafor congratulating him on being named one of the UK’s Points of Light