Our Team

Tate and Lyle Sugars Limited
Thames Refinery
Factory Road
E16 2EW

Charity Number: 1114835


Natasha Hart MBE
Chef Executive
Email: Natasha.nassa@gmail.com
Mobile: +447947401616

Elena El-Kettas 
Safeguarding Officer
Email: elenaelkettas@gmail.com

Anthony Okereafor
‘Carry A Basketball Not A Blade’ Project Manager
Email: okereafor25@hotmail.com

Ivan Speck
Director of Communications
Email: ivanspeck1@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile: 07801 180149

Jurita Kalite
NASSA Web Specialist
Email: jurita.kalite@googlemail.com

Aurimas Verbukas 
Director of Coaching and Player Development
Email: a.verbukas@gmail.com
Mobile: +447476506998

Under 18 Head Coach
Email: TBC

Luis Sanchez
Under 16 Head Coach
Email: lsesquinas.23@hotmail.com

Aurimas Verbukas
Under 14 Head Coach
Mobile: +447476506998

Danielle King
Under 12 Head Coach
Email: kingdanni@hotmail.co.uk